Don't normally do this...

Jag brukar inte göra detta men mina pojkar fick underbara kritiker på gårdagens utställning så jag måste få skryta lite. Förlåt. / I don’t normally do this but my boys got wonderful reviews at the dogshow yesterday and I wanted to share this with you:

STOKK’s International Dogshow. Judge N. Blanusa, HL:

Marco[Bedarra Ernst Stavro Blofeld]'s critic:
Beautiful representative of the breed. Very sound & of excellent proportions. Excellent bone in excellent condition. Beautifull head proportions. Typical expression. Nice neck & topline. Very well presented. Beautiful typical movement.

Clark[Bedarra Super Soaker]'s critic:
Nice outline. Strong male. Nicelly conditioned. Correct head proportions. Nice neck & topline. Strong in the movement. Compact body with well developed musclemass. Excellent strong feet. Correct angulation. Excellent coat texture. Nice temperament.

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